At what point did Valley Park resident Denise Welborn decide she needed to evacuate her home?

"When the fireman knocked on the door with a letter saying it was a good idea if I leave."

Welborn and her two cats headed to the Red Cross emergency center  at Manchester United Methodist Church on Woods Mill Road, one of four Red Cross emergency centers set up to help flood victims.

"If you ain't got anywhere else to go, what are you going to do?" said Welborn. "Sleep in your car? At least here you get food, a cot, showers."

That's what the Red Cross and the Humane Society of Missouri want area flood victims to know. Help is available, even for your pets. Welborn's cats are being cared for by the Humane Society until she can return home. Zachary Jenkins drives a Humane Society van used to transport animals for boarding.

"So we have these small kennels in here for animals, cats, dogs, birds, anything that owners want to get out of their houses They come to us and we take it to our location at 1201 Macklind, and we provide care for the animals until the owners are able to get back on their feet," said Jenkins. "We suspect as the rivers begin to crest that it may be more of an issue for pet owners to get their animals out of their houses."

The Red Cross is taking care of the rest of Welborn's needs.

"A place where you can come in and warm up with a cup of coffee, you can grab a meal, and via the Red Cross you can stay the night," said Reverend Beth Elders, the minister at Manchester United Methodist.

Besides the Manchester, MO emergency shelter, the Red Cross also has flood emergency shelters at the First Baptist Church in Arnold, MO, the Tri-County Senior Center in Pacific, MO, and Hope Lutheran Church in Granite City, IL.