It was a hero’s homecoming in one Illinois community Sunday. An injured police officer returned home to a parade of his supporters.

The sirens sounded and the city of Jerseyville knew it was time.

"We're all just here to welcome home a hero's welcome," said Carla Murphy, who lives in Jerseyville and was part of the welcome-home committee.

Jerseyville planned a hero’s welcome for officer Nathan Miller and his family.

“We have our arms open real wide for him and his family," said Sue Long, another Jerseyville native.

Officer Miller was shot last week while responding to a burglary at DJ’s Bar and Grill. The suspect shot him twice.

"We are thankful that he is still here with us," said Helena Marshall, another organizer of the welcome-home festivities.

The city came together on State Street, gathered along the sidewalks and waited anxiously in their cars and on the back of their trucks.

“We have a sign for each officer and deputy here from Jersey County," Marshall said.

Many people held up signs which read “Thank you,” “Jersey strong,” and “We got your six.” Then, just after 4 in the afternoon, Jerseyville police and fire led the way as Officer Miller wrapped up the last leg of his ride home.

His community lined up to salute their hometown hero and wish him well in the rest of his recovery.

"I know that they've always got our back and I hope they realize that we have theirs too," Murphy said.