ST. LOUIS - The NHL playoffs are underway and the Blues are facing the Minnesota Wild in the first round. But it's the team's mascot that Mary Bryan has a question about.

The St. Louis Blues are a team with some legendary players - Hull, Federko, MacInnis, and lots of talent currently in skates, but there's another jersey-wearing member of this team fans can't get enough of.

He's a bear of the people. That's right, a bear - not a dog.

"No, no, no he's a polar bear," said Chris Kerber, a play-by-play announcer for the team.

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Louie joined the team in October 2007, and was a polar bear in need of acceptance.

"Louie was born in a small den up in, near the Arctic Circle. He wasn't like his brothers and sisters and rest of the family he was born blue," said Kerber.

And Louie felt rather blue about it.

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"He kind of buried his emotions into music and he became quite a pretty good saxophone player, and then he hears about this hockey team called the St. Louis Blues," said Kerber.

He met the team and has been behind them ever since.

"He's a great ambassador for the team," said Kerber. "He's part of birthday parties, he's part of civic functions. He makes sure everyone knows he's part of the city."

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Because of the St. Louis climate, Louie gets pretty warm. He also had to change his diet a bit.

"There's the obvious toasted ravioli and frozen custard that he likes to eat, but he's got to mix that in with like some deep fried Black Hawk wings, you know, maybe some shark bites, some predator legs," said Kerber.

Which, of course, requires him to work out more.

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"He's unbelievable at push-ups," said Kerber.

But what Louie loves the most are the fans, a feeling that seems to be mutual.

Next week Heidi will find an answer for Walker Wright of Crestwood, who wants to know how many hot dogs, brats, pretzels, and nachos are sold every year at Busch Stadium. Look for the answer next Thursday, April 23.

Remember, you can catch the Blues vs. Minnesota Wild game Saturday, April 18 on NewsChannel 5.