ST. LOUIS - We know the danger of leaving children in hot cars on a sweltering summer day. But did you know that it doesn't have to be hot, or even all that warm, for your child to be in danger?

Picture this: it's an unseasonably cool July day with a nice breeze; a few puffy clouds and no humidity. A lovely 75 degrees.

But watch how hot it got inside my car as I took my son Cole for a quick trip to the pediatrician.

When I put Cole in the car it was 85 degrees inside. After 22 minutes with the pediatrician the empty car was up to 96 degrees.

Once we got back home, the temperature in my backseat was 85. Ten minutes later, it was 90 degrees. Twenty minutes after that: 110 degrees.

While 110 degrees is hot for anyone, it's especially dangerous for children.

Another tip is to put everything in the backseat when you have your child with you. Your purse, wallet, phone, even your left shoe. Anything and everything that will draw your attention to the back seat.