Hurricane Matthew forced some St. Louisans to cut their trips to Florida short, while other St. Louis natives are still in the southeast bracing for the storm.

Kirkwood native Keith Kohler is back at home safe and sound Wednesday night. He traveled to West Palm Beach Florida yesterday for a convention that should have lasted until Saturday. However, the threats of Hurricane Matthew cut the trip short for he and 500 of his clients.

"My clients who were planning this convention for many years in advance, so that was very challenging for everybody because so much effort was placed into putting this convention together but it was the safe and smart thing to do," Kohler said.

Chesterfield native Kelsey Kleinhans, who is currently attending the University of Miami, says her classes were canceled Wednesday evening. She says though the weather is currently calm where she's living, but people are preparing for the worst.

"I went to the grocery store yesterday to kind of buy like water, bread and canned foods and all the water is sold out everywhere,” Kleinhans told NewsChannel 5. “There was people like yelling at each other over bottles of water at CVS and it took me over an hour to get gas there was such long lines at the station."

We were also contacted by a Chesterfield native who now lives in Beaufort, South Carolina. She will be evacuating to a hotel in Forsyth Georgia Thursday morning.