Keeping your lawn looking lush and green in these hot sweltering summer months can be a bit of a struggle.

This week, the Today in St. Louis crew wants to help you get your lawn looking the best on the block.
We enlisted the help of Bob Boehm with Quiet Village Landscaping for some simple advice.

Boehm says the two most important things when it comes to your landscape is water and mowing. If you do these two things correctly, your lawn will be on its way to greatness.

Boehm said, “A lot of people think that the shorter you mow, the less often you have to mow, which is totally incorrect."

Boehm says you should raise your mower to its tallest height. He said cutting your grass at a taller height keeps it from burning in the summer heat and stops weeds from growing.

"The other thing is I wouldn’t catch the clippings. I wouldn’t bag it at all. Just mulch it, it returns the blades back to the grass so you’re not picking up nutrients and throwing it in the trash," he explained.

Once you've mowed your lawn, the other key ingredient to a luscious landscape is water.

Boehm said, "When people water they normally don't water long enough. They generally only water 10 minutes at a time which promotes shallow root growth because the water doesn't get down."

Boehm says we should water our lawns for 45 minutes, two times a week. This is because our yards need one inch of water per week.

"It allows the water to get down deeper to where the roots would be," he explained.

He says if you follow these two guidelines, your yard will be on its way to being the envy of your neighbors. Keep in mind, it will take about one season of work.

"Once you get into the second season, your lawn has gone through one season of proper mowing, proper fertilizing, proper watering you should be in pretty good shape," he explained.

As for the fertilizer, Boehm recommends going organic if you must use it in the Summer.
He suggests using weed killers in the cooler months, such as fall or spring.