ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) - Hundreds of people participated in a rally and march against violence and crime Saturday in North St. Louis.

Organizer James Clark says Better Family Life, Inc. planned the event several months ago. However, he says
a shooting that left a teenager dead and six others hurt Friday on the 5100 block of Palm Street underscores the reason they marched Saturday.

The event began on stage with several people sharing their stories about how violence and crime has impacted their lives. Many people in the crowd help up signs and wore shirts with photos of loved ones they've lost to violence.

After the rally, they marched in the middle of the street, heading west on Page Blvd., to Better Family Life headquarters. There, they had a "Rally of Accountability."

Clark says that was the purpose of Saturday's event. He says they want to create awareness about the importance of accountability within the African-American community.

"We are quick to rally and protest against systematic racism and we should. We are quick to protest and rally when a police officer kills an African-American and we should but we are eerily silent when we kill each other ... We have to address it. We have ignored it for too long," Clark said.

Clark says Better Family Life's work doesn't stop with this march. They're in the neighborhoods everyday trying to pass their message on to families.