Plans for an ice rink in Creve Coeur Lake Park appear to be canceled, 5 On Your Side's Frank Cusumano confirmed Friday.

The St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation announced the cancellation of the Creve Coeur Lake Park project, instead opting for a location in Maryland Heights.

"The moral of this story is that citizens have the ability to affect change," said Katherine Dockery, Executive Director of the Open Space Council. "All politics are local and if you really want to see something done, you've got to raise your voice and let folks know."

While the location is planned for a different area, the construction of the site plans to remain the same. The facility plans to be built as a four-sheet, regional recreation center that will cater to several variations of ice sports, as well as the St. Louis Blues' practice facility.

“Exploring a new location in Maryland Heights has my complete support, as do the people from the Legacy Ice Foundation and the St. Louis Blues who first brought us the opportunity to imagine what might be possible at the Creve Coeur Lake Park location,” said St. Louis County Steve Stenger in a statement.

The development will be led by Summit Development.

This is a developing story.