Stylists not only cut our hair, style it into the latest trends, and help us turn back the hands of time with a little pigment, they also lend an ear which many of us bend.

For the most part, the conversations we have with our stylists are benign, dwelling in the realm of what is happening in our lives at a trivial level.

But every once in a while, a stylist will tell you, they hear things that shock and disturb them. Sometimes those comments are not acted upon, as the stylist who doesn’t know what to say or may not be willing to risk damaging the relationship they have built stay silent about what they have heard.

Starting this year in Illinois, stylists will be required to take one hour of ongoing education that will help them spot signs of domestic and sexual abuse and be equipped with the information about help and resources their clients could use if asked for.

For stylists developing a relationship with their clients is how they maintain a stable income. Putting that income at risk may not be all that enticing for some stylists, but for others not helping could be even worse. For those stylists, the training is welcome.