A bison that escaped a slaughterhouse in Highland, Illinois, was shot and killed by police Tuesday morning.

According to the Highland Police Department, an Alton farmer brought the farmer brought the animal and another bison to Korte Meat in Highland. Due to an equipment failure, one of the bison got out and ran off.

Police were alerted to the animal while he was standing near the railroad tracks, but he was scared off by a train before police arrived.

After a 20 minute chase, Police Sgt. Scott Athmer — a 16-year-veteran of the force and avid hunter — fired three shots using his police issued AR-15, striking the animal three times in the shoulder area, but the animal did not go down. Athmer set up again, whistled to get the animal's attention and shot the animal in the head, which knocked the animal to the ground. He repositioned one more time and fired a few more times, finally killing the animal.

A towing company was called to take the bison away. The farmer collected the animal and took it back to his home for processing.