Inauguration Day may be less than two weeks away, but it looks like some of the World's Finest were already gearing up for their time in office.

The office of The Magic House, that is.

Saturday, it was all about the crime-fighting, costume-wearing men and women for Super Hero Night at The Magic House. All night long, Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Spider-Man were on hand to play with the kids dressed in their favorite superhero costumes.

Some of the activities included mask-making for the kids and a pizza party, because who doesn't deserve a slice of pizza after working alongside the world's toughest superheroes?

But the ultimate surprise came in the form of a super-filled Oval Office. Batman, Superman, Supergirl and Spider-Man were all decked out and ready to go inside of The Magic Houses' West Wing.

No word on why The Flash was running late at press time.

For a list of future events at The Magic House, check out their calendar for the year ahead online.