People in the Central West End were busy cleaning up Saturday after Friday night's damage. A few businesses had their windows broken. But as Dana Dean tells us, it was business as usual Saturday afternoon.

People were out and about Saturday. Many people stopped to take pictures of the boarded-up windows, but despite the damage, places like Golden Grocer were open.

Golden Grocer Natural Foods on Euclid had a couple windows broken, Culpeppers also boarded up its window that was broken. Nothing was damaged at Lemon Salon, but 5 On Your Side saw employees boarding up Saturday as a precaution.

One resident who's lived here for 50 years and has her own blog about the neighborhood, was out and about taking pictures of the damage. She hopes the community will rally together to show their support.

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"I'm promoting a flash mob kind of thing where people in the neighborhood, the neighbors, will show their love for the businesses that lost business last night and support them today, tonight, and the weekend," said Nicki Dwyer.

Six windows at the St. Louis Public Library Schlafly Branch were also damaged Friday night. Employees worked through the night to clean up so they could be open to the public Saturday. They do have surveillance video and are working with police.

People posted sticky notes with messages of hope on the boarded up window of the Schlafly library branch in the Central West End on Saturday.

To make a donation to the library, visit them online.