DE SOTO, Mo. - Copperhead snakes bite two people, killing one and leaving another victim on crutches.

Twenty-year-old Hope Cull recovered from the venomous attack at St. Anthony's Medical Center for two days before she was released to go home. The snake bit her twice Thursday night as she was walking up an alley with her friend in DeSoto.

Cull says she didn't notice the snake.

"I didn't see it or hear it or nothing. I just walked into a patch of weeds and sure enough, instant pain," she said.

She says she's still in pain.

"I couldn't feel my leg for two days. It was really numb, my toes wouldn't move at all. I'm just now getting to where I can move my feet again," said Cull.

A St. Charles County man died last week after he picked up a snake. It bit him on his right hand at Sam A. Baker State Park.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is warning people to be careful of snakes in piles of wood, mulch, rocks or shrubs. Dan Zarlenga, a spokesperson for the department, says keeping your yard clean of these things will lessen your chances of encountering a snake.

He also warns people to leave snakes alone.

"The biggest thing you can do to stay safe is don't touch them, don't pick them up and keep your distance," said Zarlenga.

Zarlenga says snakes are most active in Missouri between April and November.