One woman’s terrifying encounter with someone she thought was a police officer lead to officials giving warning to others who could fall for the same trap.

Kayla Jakoubek tells five on your side she was pulled over on her way home from work, taking her normal route, I-55 to Highway 67. But, quickly figured out something wasn’t right – and that she could be in real danger.

It happened Thursday night in Jefferson County. It started like a normal traffic stop – lights flashing, an officer pulling her over.

"And it was riding my bumper pretty close," Kayla Jakoubek explained.

However, she soon realized that person was not real police, but rather a stranger trying to get into her car.

“He jumped out of his car really fast and went toward my car and I was able to hit the lock button," she said.

She explained someone dressed in a ski mask began screaming, kicking her car, and punching her window. Jakoubek then reached for her purse, where she keeps her gun. She pointed at the individual who fled, driving straight down Buck Creek Road.

"I was hyperventilating. I couldn’t breathe."

Jakoubek says the first person she thought to call was her mom.

"I said 'Honey, where you at? Where you at?'" Mary Jakoubek recalled of her phone conversation with her panicked daughter.

Unable to speak, Kayla described herself as 'frozen.'

“The most awful feeling for a mother - to hear your daughter so scared and you can’t help her," Kayla’s mom said.

Kayla proceeded to call 9-1-1. The Missouri Highway Patrol is now investigating the case and looking for the alleged police impersonator.

"I held my son so tight last night because I thought he wouldn’t have a mom. I thought he would be raised without me," Jakoubek said. She took to Facebook to share her experience. Her post, so far, has garnered almost 2,000 shares.

"I want others to be inspired to protect themselves,” she said. Jakoubek says people need to protect themselves, so as not to endure the same trauma that she did.

"Cowards they look for victims and I'm just lucky God was with me."

The Missouri Highway patrol says it will be stepping up its presence in the area of Highway 67 and Buck Creek Road to try to find the person who did this.

Meanwhile their advice for drivers:

  • When you’re stopped at night you need to be especially cautious.
  • Keep your doors locked, windows up, and look for a uniform. Only once you identify the officer, should you roll down your window.
  • If you’re feeling nervous, The Highway Patrol says they don’t mind if you slow down and go to a more public orbetter-litt area. Just make sure to indicate that you know an officer is behind you.
  • Remember, you can always call Highway Patrol Headquarters at *55.