A judge in St. Louis has issued a temporary restraining order on the Confederate monument in Forest Park, halting the removal of the statue while questions of the statue's ownership are cleared up.

Judge Robert Dierker says the statue should not be removed until it is decided who technically owns it.

The City of St. Louis has been working to remove the statue. The top of the statue was removed earlier this month, and crews have already drilled holes in the monument as they prepare to dismantle the rest. Monday afternoon, the mayor's office said the monument was expected to be removed by the end of the week.

But, the Missouri Civil War Museum at Jefferson Barracks wants to display the monument, and says the Daughters of the Confederacy gave the museum a deed, making it the rightful owner. It has been raising money to remove and preserve the monument.

"I believe the city owns the monument but that will ultimately be determined by the courts," said St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson. "There are a number of statues in our parks and around our regions. If someone were to come forward and claim to own another statue, what will the outcome be?"

The statue was donated to the City of St. Louis in 1914 from the Ladies Confederate Monument Association.