It's a crime that happens right outside your front door-- thieves stealing your packages after being delivered to your doorstep. With Amazon Prime Day deliveries headed out of the warehouse and to customers, that means a surge in possible targets.

"We're worried all year long that people's packages are being stolen," said Mike Cooke with the United States Postal Service in St. Louis.

He recommends changing the delivery location to another part of the house--inside the garage, around the back, or behind a pillar-- to make it less obvious to passersby.

You can also request it be held at the store for later pickup.

To change your delivery spot, you just head to the USPS website and can change your settings. UPS, who might be carrying your Prime purchases, has a similar option. It doesn't take much notice, which is good for those next-day shipping items.

"As long as we haven't delivered the package yet, you can request where and when you get it."

You can also get alerts when your package is delivered, and Cooke says insurance might be a good idea.

"That way if it's misdirected or if it's stolen, you know, we can give you your money back."

If a package is stolen, your first call should be to police, then to your carrier. They'll work to monitor if this is becoming an issue in your neighborhood.

Finally, report it to Amazon. They'll tell you to wait 36 hours, then work with you on getting you your package, or your money back.