ST. LOUIS - Wednesday was opening night for "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at The Muny, and another funny thing happened to the lead actor once he got here.

Peter Scolari, known for roles in "Girls" and "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," was set to play the part of Pseudolus.

However, his allergies were so irritated by the St. Louis air that he had to bow out of the performance.

"He woke up with no voice," said Mike Issacson, the Muny's creative director. "If someone is sensitive, they have a reaction here," he added. "The Broadway community, everybody knows the Muny, and what it is in all it's glory. So they're usually not surprised (by the allergens), they are just surprised at their reaction."

Since Muny productions don't use understudies, they called up actor Jeffrey Schecter to take on the role. He's had just three days to learn his part.

Schecter was most recently cast as Scuttle the seagull in "The Little Mermaid," the latest Muny show.

Also in that show, the actress who played Ursula couldn't sing in the first week of rehearsals; she had also lost her voice due to allergies.