They joined each other on stage to help one of their own.

Sunday night, a group of local musicians held a benefit concert for a fellow musician facing a long road to recovery.

Late last year, Tom Hall was attacked by a group of young men as he walked through an alley in Soulard. Hall suffered a punch to the face, being knocked to the ground, and was repeatedly kicked. He believes he was the victim of “the knockout game.”

Shortly after the attack, loved ones set up a GoFundMe account for Hall, which raised tens of thousands of dollars for his medical bills. Now, friends and fellow musicians are still finding ways to help.

“Tonight we’re throwing an extra few drops into the bucket because we love Tom,” said Dan Higgins, the Managing Director of the Focal Point in Maplewood.

The Focal Point, a music listening room, is a non-profit that works to make live music more accessible and affordable. The venue often hosts shows featuring folk music.

Hall has performed there many times.

“We’re a performance venue -- this is what we do,” Higgins added. “This is the best way that we can contribute to making money for him.”

Sunday night’s show included performances by Dave Landreth, Jim Nelson, Geoff Seitz, Dedo Norris, Dave Black, Brian Curran and Nick Pence, according to advertising for the event.

Hall, himself, even showed up to play.

“It’s been overwhelming and humbling,” he said of the support.

To learn more about Hall and fundraising efforts in his honor, visit the GoFundMe page.