An O'Fallon, Missouri, couple was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when the shooting started and they say the husband's training saved their lives.

"When someone says, 'Run for your life,' I'll never say that sarcastically again," says Lisa Remly. "When you're really running for your life it's a whole different feeling."

Lisa Remly says she's not sleeping, has little appetite and can still hear the hail of gunshots she and her husband Chad Remly survived in Las Vegas.

They've attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival for the past few years, and vacation in Las Vegas a few times each year. And large crowds like those in Las Vegas are one reason Chad Remly says he stays current on his "active shooter" training.

He completed a course as recently as March with Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri. His wife says when everyone started running, they went the opposite direction to a closer exit.

"He was quiet and thinking and I just stayed quiet," recalls Lisa. "I said I'm scared. He said don't be scared...he said you just have to trust me."

"I feel lucky that I took the training beforehand," says Chad. "It was almost automatic that it went in to play."

Asked if he believes the training saved their lives, "absolutely," he says without hesitation.

First, Chad says he put his wife and himself behind a refrigerator for cover and then went for an exit he had made note of when they arrived at the concert.

And while they credit the training with sparing their lives, the Remly's say they're relying on their church group to help them recover emotionally.

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