A Franklin County family has a long-standing Black Friday tradition they want to share with you.

While others are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day, the Hopkinses take time to help save lives and they're hoping to inspire your family to do the same.

This family doesn't go shopping. Instead, “We're giving blood,” said Michael Hopkins.

“We know enough people with enough medical issues and traumas and injury and illness that benefit from blood. We're not builders, we're not doctors, we're not philanthropists, but this is one thing we are capable of doing,” said Diana Hopkins.

“The American Red Cross is something that we've felt is important to support and it's just a good way for us to give back as a family,” added Michael.

It's a years-old tradition the Hopkinses have passed on to their children. At the same time Diana was in the chair, her oldest son Alex was donating across the room.

“It's the season of giving and this is a way to give to people outside the family to people you may never meet,” said Alex Hopkins.

Meanwhile, their youngest son says giving blood gives him a leg-up.

“It's just that some of my other brothers don't want to so I have to do it to one-up them,” said Lucas Hopkins.

Regardless of the reason, the American Red cross says the life-saving blood donations are priceless to those who receive them.

“I hear thankful, grateful. Those are the words I get a lot from people who talk about it,” said American Red Cross spokesman Joe Zydlo.

For those who hate needles, Alex Hopkins feels your pain. But even he says it's not that bad.

“It's not anything to be afraid of. It doesn't hurt, it's not painful and it's over in five minutes.”

And it's one more reason the Hopkinses family has to celebrate one another.

“It's good bonding time, fun to hang out,” said Lucas.

Zydlo says right now local blood supplies are good. But the American Red Cross is asking for more donors before winter weather hits, canceling donation drives and depleting the blood supply.

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