It appears the “Rally Cat” has started a trend. This kitten wasn’t caught darting across a major league’s baseball field but in moving traffic.

At 11:51 Sunday morning, the Belleville Fire Department got a call to rescue a stray kitten. The kitten had darted across the 1200 block of Royal Heights Road, bringing on-coming traffic to a stop.

The kitten was startled and hid in the engine compartment of a parked car, soon being rescued by the Battalion 4 Fire Crew.

“We offered to take the cat to the baseball game, but she already had season tickets,” the BFD jokingly said in a Facebook post.

Belleville Fire Department Chief Pour tells us the kitten is safe and was last seen in the care of a bystander.

Ashley Collins, owner of the car the cat took cover under, decided to give the rescued kitten a home.

Collins said the timing was just right as she’s been wanting to get a cat for a while now. She named the feline Kila.

“This just makes for a better back story,” Collins said, “If someone asks how’d this kitten get into your heart, I’d say well it got into my engine first.”