On Thursday we got our first up-close look at one of the newly refurbished trolley cars set to start rolling down Delmar in a matter of weeks.

"Inside I think people are going to love the beauty of this," said Joe Edwards, the developer of the project.

When it comes to the Loop Trolley, Edwards has an appreciation for the history around the project. And the potential, he believes these cars have to move the region forward.

Showing off the soon-to-be-in-service trolley cars Thursday, Joe Edwards also touted the construction he believes it's already spurred. Like a $66-million apartment building and more planned along the trolley line.

"I really do see this as a prototype of how to connect neighborhoods to each other," he said,

After years of planning and construction, the tracks could soon have cars. They may just be test cars at first, Joe Edwards said just seeing the trolley on The Loop will be significant for St. Louis.

PHOTOS: A look at the Loop Trolley

"This is going to be so real for St. Louis," Edwards said, "when they see this car, the one that is really fixed up and ready to go."

Edwards said the trolley is going to have a positive impact on St. Louis's reputation around the country, and could see the project expanding. He said he could see the trolley running through Forest Park and then extending to Clayton.

As for this version, he said it should be fully operational this summer.