Big Shark Bicycle Company serves a committed base of cyclists.

But, as owner Mike Weiss said, even they are having trouble with the trolley tracks in the Delmar Loop.

“We’ve had some really nice people and good customers who are pretty high-affinity cyclists get hurt,” he said.

He said one of the reasons he moved his business out of the Delmar Loop several months ago was because of the bike hazard.

Weiss said he’s had about 20 people come into his shop asking for repairs after hitting the trolley tracks and bending the rim on their bike.

“I know other stores in this immediate area have also seen as a result people crashing into the tracks,” Weiss said.

He said it can cost bike owners more than $100 to get their tires fixed.

There are many signs warning bikers about the trolley tracks. It’s showing a cyclist falling over the handlebars of the bike, seconds away from hitting the ground.

Weiss said the sign is a good warning but thinks more than just a sign needs to be done.

"I know in Europe there are some things they can put in like a filler that allows for the wheel of a train but also prevents a wheel of a bike from falling in,” he said.

5 On Your Side was told the citizen-led traffic commission, which advises the City Council of University City, raised the idea of banning bicycles entirely to enhance safety.

Mayor Shelley Welsch said that has not made its way to her or city council.

Welsch said she believes the Delmar Loop is safe for everyone, including bikers, but does stress for bikers to be careful

“We do not want to discourage people to come to the loop on their bicycles, but we do want people to be ride along side them and cross them at a 90-degree angle,” Mayor Welsch said.

We reached out to the Director of Public Works and Parks, but he did not want to comment on this issue.

However, Weiss said what will not be funny is when someone falls and gets a head injury. He added people have already suffered broken bones.

"We’re fortunate right now that there hasn’t been anybody seriously hurt.”

He said he hopes it doesn’t take a more serious incident for people to take the safety issues more seriously.

In light of the dangers, someone is finding some humor in the street signs.

"Welcome to Delmar T-Shirts", featuring the street signs are being sold by Dog Fish USA.

They're being sold for $18.