Finding 11-year-old Charlie Wilson takes just a short time. He's the one with the long hair.

The hair covers his neck but nothing can cover up his love for hockey.

"He's getting better and he really loves playing, "says dad Rod Wilson.

His favorite NHL team is the Dallas Stars.

"I'm a huge fan," he said.

If he's not playing, he loves to be watching his Stars.

On the night we were in Dallas, he was hoping to see a lot of goals but Charlie himself was recently credited with an assist.

It started back in the 1st grade when he met his classmate Libby Serber.

"He came to me and sat with me at lunch and we played at recess together, "Libby recalled.

But by the next year, Charlie noticed that there was something wrong.

"Everyday she kept going to the nurse's office," Charlie remembered.

"She had a low-grade fever. Kind of wouldn't go away," recalled her dad, Jeff Serber.

After dozens of tests, Libby's parents got the devastating diagnosis. She had a Wilms tumor, cancer of the kidney.

"I think it's probably the worst feeling because you're not in any control at all," Jeff said.

"It wasn't scary because I didn't understand it all. But I didn't feel good," said Libby.

Libby was still undergoing chemotherapy when she finally returned school having lost her beautiful red hair.

Charlie, just 7 at the time, felt a little sick himself.

"I asked my mom, what can I do to help. She said donate my hair, "Charlie says.

So for the next two years, as Charlie grew so did his hair.

"And I go, how long is it going to be?, "Rod recalled. "It's going to be like 10 inches and I think. That's a lot of hair."

He wanted to donate to "Locks of Love" the non-profit that provides hairpieces to kids who lose their hair because of cancer. But Charlie suffered more than his share of growing pains.

"I remember one day, I asked some kids if I could play football with them. They said no because we don't play with girls," Charlie told us almost in tears.

That would cause some kids might have quit. Charlie is not one of those kids.

"I just knew that if Libby could go through some pain, I could go through some pain too," Charlie said.

Libby kept getting better and things were about to get a whole lot better for Charlie.

He had this dream of making his donation, after getting his hair cut by a player on his favorite team.

It turns out one of Charlie's assistant coaches has a connection to the Dallas Stars and when the Stars found out, they wanted to make Charlie a star.

Charlie Seguin and Jaime Benn were already Charlie's favorite players and they were about to make this day, the favorite of his young life.

They not only cut his hair, they let him practice with the team.

"To him, these are his heroes. You know he got to hang out with them and chit chat," said Alicia Wilson, Charlie's mom.

The experience only lasted around 90 minutes, but it was something Charlie could remember forever.

"[And] I remember when we left finally and we get in our car and I turned around and I said what just happened? And he goes mom, 'Am I dreaming?" Alicia told us.

Libby is now cancer free and performing in school plays.

And after having short hair for a while, Charlie is growing it out again.

"Well, I know there's always one more kid in the world to help," said Charlie.

One young boy standing out, not because of the hair on his head but because of what's in his heart.