A St. Louis man has been charged with felony counts of attempting to cause catastrophe and resisting arrest.

According to charges filed Monday, officers responded to the 9100 Block of West Florissant Sunday night for a call of officers in need of assistance. While officers were responding to the call, 44-year-old Henry Stokes placed a napkin in the gas tank entrance to a police officer’s vehicle and then he pulled out a lighter and attempted to light the napkin on fire. Stokes fled the scene and was eventually taken into custody. He admitted to trying to ignite the napkin to light the squad car on fire.

No one was hurt, but according to police multiple people were in the immediate area at the time. 

Stokes is being held on a $25,000 bond.

Two other people were also arrested in the same area on Sunday night. One of the arrests was made in connection to an assault on a law enforcement officer after a Ferguson police officer was struck in the face, which resulted in a broken nose. 

There were also numerous gunshots discharged in the area, but no one has been arrested in connection.