A local man says the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District is endangering kids in his neighborhood. How? He says district workers started a job and never finished it, leaving a hazard for children.

Before Mission Park's four-foot by two-foot wide hole appeared, Nathan Russum didn't have to worry about the neighborhood kids' safety.

“There are little children that live right across from this problem that come through here frequently,” said Russum.

Russum, the local homeowners association president, says the erosion around exposed pipe has grown worse.

“[It’s a] big hole in the ground, continued erosion,” he said.

All of this started last November when MSD replaced old pipe.

“They didn't come back and backfill and shore up the end of the cover which causes problems,” Russum said.

And worse Russum says a promise was broken by the MSD foreman on the scene.

“He said we’re gonna come back after the weather changes and we're going to finish this up,” Russum said.

That was over seven months ago, but despite calls and emails as recently as three weeks ago Russum says his concerns were largely ignored.

“They wouldn't call me or talk to me or meet me on site.”

When MSD finally did write they suggested Russum contact the City of Florrissant.

“Then they indicated that they hadn't done any work on here,” Russum said.

That is when he called us.

“I’m hoping the News Channel 5 can investigate and prompt them to come back and complete the work,” he said.

When we called MSD, Spokesperson Lance Lecomb initially told us that Russen was wrong, and no work had been done in his area. Then he said there were a miscommunication in the address and that MSD did work on the project, but that it had been completed back in November.

Lecomb said the mess that exists now was due to natural erosion, possibly because of heavy rains, and not MSD's fault.

Either way, MSD now says that it will send a crew to finally repair the problem next week.

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