A St. Louis County man with a disability said he feels stranded. His independence was stunted and all because of a chair.

Cerebral Palsy robbed Tony Berding of his mobility.

His motorized chair was his lifeline, but it broke several months ago. Now, he said he's having trouble getting it fixed.

Without his chair, Berding said moving backward is his best way of moving forward.

Rush: It's just easier to go backwards?
Berding: Yeah.

Sitting in a chair with wheels and pushing himself backwards is his way of getting around and offsetting a big setback surrounding this motorized chair.

“It won't move,” said Berding.

Right around December, Berding said, the chair started acting up.

Rush: It moves on its own?
Berding: Yeah, when it feels like it.

And other times, it just stops as we saw firsthand.  It worked fine at first, but then stopped working.

Berding said he called the company where he got the chair, Rehab Medical in Maryland Heights, but says he couldn't get results.

So 5 On Your Side’s Mike Rush made a call and was able to connect him with the right person who told Berding he's sending somebody to check out the chair Thursday.

“That would be great,” said Berding.

A representative with Rehab Medical told Mike Rush that, while privacy laws prevent him from speaking to me about Berding's case, he is willing to do what he can to help him.