The aftermath of a dramatic rescue was caught on video in Kirkwood on Thursday afternoon.

Around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, brother and sister Julie Flanders and Chandler Tourigny were stopped in their car, waiting for an approaching train to pass in downtown Kirkwood, when they saw an older man in a wheelchair stuck on the tracks.

Their mother recorded dramatic cell phone video as they worked to pull him and his electric chair away from the passing train.

But just seconds before the recording started, they say another woman put herself in harm's way to rescue the man who was stuck and staring down the oncoming train.

They say the woman didn't ask for any accolades, and none of the others caught her name, or the man who was stuck. But when they left, they say everyone seemed to be OK.

First responders in Kirkwood have not released any details of the incident, but paramedics did check the man out.

And workers at the Amtrak station also witnessed the close call, and they say they've had at least three more like it in the past week with cars and people on foot.