In honor of Officer Blake Snyder, a St. Louis County police officer killed in the line of duty last week, blue ribbons were placed along a procession route that went from his funeral service at St. Louis Family Church in Chesterfield to Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in Godfrey, Illinois, where he would be laid to rest.

Before the procession on Thursday, a group from Mason Ridge Elementary and Town and Country Public Works walked to the overpass at 40 and Mason Road. They hung banners that say "Our Hearts Are With You" and "P.O. Snyder is a Hero."

"We were able to make it happen," school principal Jennifer Dieken-Buchek said. "Perfect place."

They're messages they want the fallen officer's family and friends to read.

"I hope that they can feel a little bit of love in their hearts in this really deep moment of sadness," Dieken-Buchek said.

Although the adults played a big role, it was kids who created the banners. Third graders wrote personalized messages of encouragement on them.

"Everyone in our class got to cut letters," student Nico Helbig said.

Helbig says he wrote a note saying, "We appreciate that you risked your life for us every single day."

Dieken-Buchek says seeing the students in the hallways with the banners before they were taken outside brought tears to her eyes.

"It was just a really moving moment," she said.

It can be difficult to cope with Officer Snyder's death for both kids and adults. They say sharing positive messages like these helps.

"We want to show our respect," one student said. "I was real happy to be involved with it so I could help out."