What questions do you have for St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson? Five On Your Side's Kiya Edwards asked you to weigh in ahead of a one-on-one interview with the mayor Thursday.

Fighting crime certainly has your interest. One viewer wondered if the city still has a crime commission.

"It's like it just went away," he wrote.

"I don't believe the city still has a crime commission," Krewson responded. "It isn't something that we've revived at this time but we are certainly seeking input from neighbors and folks from all walks of life."

Krewson says police officers need raises and that could mean a property or sales tax increase.

"Ask her if she knows one cannot tax their way out of debt," one Five On Your Side viewer wrote. "She'll run out of someone's money."

"When we have a big gap between police officer salaries in the City of St. Louis and then just about eight miles west of here in St. Louis County, we have to figure out how to close that gap," Krewson said. "I don't want to pay more taxes. I bet you don't want to pay more taxes and so then it's a matter of what do we want to cut?"

You also questioned Krewson's support for removing the controversial confederate monument in Forest Park. One viewer asked why Krewson didn't take action while serving as an alderwoman.

"I can't speak for the prior administration but I can sympathize with it being a big task and an expensive task," Krewson said. "An individual alderman isn't going to be able to take down a monument so I think that -- I don't think that's quite a fair expectation of having taken it down and I've been in favor of removing it."

And how does she feel about community incentives when there are big development projects?

"We'd have to see what's in the community benefits agreement," Krewson said. "I think it's good to lay it out though in terms of well, if this development is done, what does the city and the community actually get out of that development? That's conceptually a good idea."