The Meramec River was at the highest level on record in Sullivan Monday evening. Recent heavy rainfall caused parts of the Meramec State Park to flood. The Meramec Caverns in Stanton are flooded, too.

According to the Meramec Caverns website, the caverns are closed and they may not reopen until May 5 or 6.

"We go down there once it a while," said Gordian Grus, a farmer in Stanton. "It's real nice, yeah."

About a half mile out, the road leading to the caverns is impassable. Many people stopped by Monday to get a glimpse of the water. Cody Reeves brought his drone. His footage shows a submerged building.

"They're completely under water almost," Reeves said. "It's tough. I mean this is a tough time of year to be closing with. This is prime time camping season so I mean they're definitely missing out."

Campers are also missing out on visiting the Meramec State Park during its temporary closure. While parts of the park are dry, other areas are under water. The only visible part of a picnic shelter located near the river is its roof.

"Back in '45, we had that flood and then we didn't have no floods like that for a while," Grus said. "Now we're getting them every year or two. It's bad."

There is no exact timeline for when the state park will reopen. Park staff will be contacting any campers with a reservation through May 8, 2017, to discuss refunds.