For 10 years, Brandon Reid struggled with an addiction to methamphetamine. First, it was a party drug. Soon, it became a way of life.

“My life was filled, from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, with finding drugs, whether it was meth or opiates,” Reid said.

Reid was sent to prison for meth possession. Eventually, he got clean.

“I went to rehab 10 different times,” Reid said.

Meth is now making a comeback in the St. Louis area. The National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse said there are two possible reasons: a decrease in price and increase in purity.

The NCADA has also seen an increase in meth use among heroin users in St. Louis County. So far in 2017, about 10 percent of people who have died from a heroin overdose has also had meth in their systems. In 2016, about four and a half to five percent of those deaths involved meth.

Meth production has also changed. Large batches are no longer cooked in homes U.S. neighborhoods. Most of it is manufactured in other countries, where it's easier to get the ingredients, according to the NCADA.

While heroin continues to garner the most attention, the NCADA wants families to be aware of the prevalence and accessibility of all drugs.

“Right now, families are talking about opioids, but they also need to talk about methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol, which is killing more people than opioids at the moment,” said Brandon Costerison, public awareness specialist at NCADA.

As for Reid, he is about to celebrate four years of being sober. He now helps others with their recovery through an organization called Steps Alano.

“There's help and there are resources out in the community,” Reid said.