At Prather Elementary School in Granite City, the roof is 18 years old, the door locks don’t work properly, and the parking lots need to be re-surfaced.

April Treakle is well-aware of the issues. She works at the school as a teacher’s aide, and her child is also a student. She had hopes that voters would approve a one cent sales tax increase.

"There's tons of things that could have benefited our children if this would have passed and it's super sad that it didn't,” Treakle said.

In Madison County, just 259 votes made the difference.

“With the state of the fiscal status in the State of Illinois, this was an opportunity we were trying to seize to increase our revenues,” said Jim Greenwald, the superintendent of the Granite City School District.

Greenwald said his district would have received about $3.5 million a year if the tax would have passed.

“You bring up safety, those are the types of things we could improve. Our security systems, our doors, those are items we need to put money toward,” Greenwald said.

Instead Greenwald said the projects may have to be put on hold, ignored or done in a “band-aid” fashion. There is a chance school leaders across Madison County may try to put the issue on the ballot in the future.

“We already had conversations late last night and early this morning that we would move forward to possibly do this again. It was a very close race, one that exceeded our expectations. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you see how close you came,” Greenwald said.