Demonstrators in favor of a $15 minimum wage temporarily closed Hampton Avenue in south St. Louis Tuesday evening.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police diverted traffic around the closed roadway where demonstrators sat holding signs in support of a minimum-wage raise in St. Louis.

About 10 minutes later, officers arrested a number of the demonstrators engaged in the civil disobedience. Before the demonstration began, some said they were planning on being arrested.

Police Chief Sam Dotson had warned that protesters who blocked traffic would be arrested.

That act of planned "civil disobedience" followed a similar action earlier in the day, when protesters blocked a McDonald's drive-through in downtown St. Louis for about a half-hour and managers had to close the dining area.

Protesters chanted to workers inside, "Come on out, we've got your back."

The protest was among hundreds across the country seeking a $15 minimum wage. Protesters also want a union for fast-food workers.

The road has since reopened.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.