Update: The missing girls have been found safe in Greenville, Utah.

Grace Bosley's mother, Sheri Badalamenti, said she heard her daughter's voice again Tuesday.

"She had called, and I was just so happy to hear her voice. You know, I couldn’t believe it was her," she said. "I am so, unbelievably happy and relieved."

Reached by phone Tuesday, Hoelting's family said they were also very relieved. Her brother said the news of the girls' safety was a weight lifted off the family's shoulders.

Badalamenti said the girls paid someone to drive them west, perhaps to meet a boy who her daughter met on Snapchat. She said the girls are now safe with police, and the family will have more information about their return to St. Louis soon.

"I really think they need to see what the process is and the repercussions of their actions," the mother said. "Now that I'm happy that she's [safe], I want her to learn something from this and not take it lightly."

Badalamenti hopes her daughter's story will serve as warning to other parents.

"I trusted her. I didn’t think she would do this. We had discussions all the time about how people aren’t always good and people do crazy stuff and people lie to you," she said. "I really want parents to be more aware." 

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

Below is the story as reported yesterday.


Police are looking for two missing girls they said might be heading to Las Vegas.

According to a missing person report from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Grace Bosley, 13, and Lucy Hoelting, 14, were last seen Sunday afternoon.

According to the report, Bosley's mother said she thought the girls were at Hoelting's house, but when she called Hoelting's father, the girls were not there. Hoelting's father said he dropped the girls off at another friend's house, but the girls were not there either.

Police said the parents found out the girls took a taxi to the 7000 block of Mardel to visit with friends. One of the friends said the missing girls were planning on going to Las Vegas. The friend said they dropped the girls off at Hoelting's house so she could get her birth certificate.

The families of both girls believe they may have skipped town to join a guy one of them met online.

Around 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Hoelting texted her family, "I love you."

"You know, my head went to the worst possible scenario," said the brother.

That's the last communication they've had with Lucy Hoelting and her friend Grace Bosley, both 13, thick as thieves, and now missing.

Sheri Badalamenti is Grace's mother.

When Five on Your Side's Mike Rush asked her where she thought her daughter was, Badalamenti broke down in tears saying, “I don't know, I'm hoping she's still here somewhere.

She said Sunday night the girls told their parents they were at the other’s house. But through the teens' friends, they found out,"[That] Grace and Lucy were running off to Las Vegas,” said Badalamenti.

A trip they may have been planned for weeks to visit a guy Grace met on Snapchat.

Whether they actually went remains a mystery, so Paul passes out flyers and both families continue to search.

Paul said, “Having them both gone, it's just like a void, so we'd love for them to come back."

Grace’s crying mother said, “I don't know why she's upset or why she's doing this or if it's just because she wants to meet some boy who she doesn't even know, but she's breaking everybody's hearts."

Her mother says Grace stole $900 from their home, possibly hoping to buy bus or train tickets. That's currently under investigation.

She says Grace's phone registered Monday in Ferguson and Ladue, so they're hopeful they are still in town and safe.

Anyone with information is asked to call the St. Louis Metropolitan Police at (314) 231-1212.

The investigation is ongoing.