A Missouri native is being called a hero after he helped a couple and many others take shelter when Hurricane Irma made landfall in the U.S Virgin Islands on Wednesday. But now that the hurricane has passed, the island is devastated and they need help.

Lynn Williams, of Jerseyville, Illinois, is the sister of David Thomeczek. She said her brother and many others on the devastated Island are wearing the same clothes they had on when the hurricane first made landfall.

"I cannot even begin to feel what he feels," Williams said. “I cannot fathom what my brother is going through."

Thomeczek — who is originally from Bourbon, Missouri — and his wife Julie, live on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The islands were one of the areas hit hardest by the catastrophic storm. Hurricane Irma left behind nothing but devastation, while many are now in a desperate need of help.

"Every electric pole on the island is gone. They have no cell towers. They have no infrastructure at all,” she said. “Almost none of the homes there are water tight. Most of them the windows have been blown out or the roofs have leaks."

As Hurricane Irma approached, her brother and his wife took in total strangers. They took shelter in a closet, while the others waited it out in what she called bunkers. One couple posted on Facebook saying he saved their lives.

"I don't know many people who would do that for strangers," she said.

She has watched two Facebook live videos her brother posted hundreds of times. In a text message, Thomeczek said they have next to nothing left.

"We have water and resources for approximately 7 days,” she read from a text message her brother sent. “So, that tells me in seven days they are going to run out of food, and water and fuel."

Williams wants to make sure that doesn't happen and plans to send water, food and clothes to St. John and St. Thomas with a message of hope and love for her brother.

"We've got to help each other and we've got to be the help coming," she said.

Williams created a GoFundMe account to help raise money for her brother and others affected by Hurricane Irma. If you would like to donate, click on this link.