A Missouri state representative said he received a death threat after refusing to vote for a bill Friday.

Rep. Joshua D. Peters, a democrat from St. Louis, said an anonymous death threat was left on his desk. Peters believed the message was meant to intimidate him into voting for a bill he did not support.

The bill, Senate Bill 22, was an effort to allow the state to buy out homeowners near the Westlake Landfill in St. Louis County who believe they are at risk of radiation from nuclear waste buried there.

Not all Missouri democrats were on board citing the state would have sold parkland to pay for it.

Rep. Peter said he takes the threat seriously and believed it came from someone within his own party, an indication of the tension in Jefferson City during the last hours of the legislative session.

Read Rep. Peters' full statement below:

After a long and contentious debate regarding Senate Bill 22, which sought to establish the Missouri Contaminated Home Acquisition Program, I received an anonymous death threat on my desk.
These tactics of intimidation for the purpose of gathering the votes necessary to advance certain legislation taints the integrity of this great institution and threats of any sort should not be tolerated.
The chief clerk is currently investing this incident, however, despite this petulant behavior; I will continue to work diligently to represent the people of the 76th District.