A Kansas City, Missouri, woman is suing Uber, alleging that a driver who served prison time for attempted murder sexually assaulted her in January after dropping her off at home.

The Kansas City Star reports that the woman, who is only identified as “Jane Doe,” alleges the driver took her to various locations that evening and persuaded her to let him use her bathroom when he took her home. She says she was intoxicated and he sexually assaulted her there.

The lawsuit was filed this month in the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. It also names the driver, Yahkhahnahn Ammi, as a defendant.

A spokesperson for Kansas City, Missouri Police said the department investigated the incident, but no charges were filed.

However, Ammi is facing a December 2016 charge for domestic assault in St. Louis, and has an order of protection filed against him, according to court documents.

KSHB-TV in Kansas City reports Ammi also spent eight years in prison for attempted murder in Illinois, and changed his name after he was released.

In the lawsuit, Jane Doe claims Uber was warned about Ammi's St. Louis charges before he began driving in Kansas City, and accuses the company of negligence by allowing him to keep driving. Her attorney accuses Uber of putting all customers at risk.

The driver no longer works for Uber, and has not had access to the company since March.

An Uber spokeswoman emailed a statement responding to the lawsuit Sunday:

"What's reported in the complaint is deeply troubling and something we take extremely seriously. We are reviewing the litigation."

The company did not offer any details about Ammi's background checks.

The woman who filed the lawsuit said the driver tried to contact her several times after the alleged assault. It says she changed her phone number, moved to a new apartment, and filed an order of protection against him.

The driver doesn't have a listed phone number and couldn't be reached for comment by the AP.

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