Cars are once again rolling down Highway 141 in Valley Park. Late Monday afternoon, MoDOT opened 141 at I-44. It had been closed for more than a week.

A highway like 141, shouldered some of the heaviest flood waters in comparison to smaller roadways in the county.

"We don't see a lot of flood water related damage to our pavement fortunately. We don't have the issues with the current that MODOT would see. They're affected very seriously by the Meramec River, explained Dave Wrone with the St. Louis County Department of Transportation and Public Works.

Wrone pointed to some of the low-lying areas in the county, namely Aubuchon Road, in the Northwest portion of the county, which he says are the most susceptible to flooding. Once the water recedes, inspection crews are called in and go through a checklist of things that they’re watching out for.

"Our inspectors will look for erosion along the roads edge, cracks, potholes, any sort of physical impairment that would affect the structural stability of the road or the drivability of the road is what we look for,” said Wrone.

Throughout the week, MoDOT was conducting its own inspection along 141. It repaired the pavement, restored damaged walls, replaced signal equipment and swept up a lot of debris.