A long-time St. Louis County business owner claimed the city of Country Club Hills is blocking his expansion because he's Muslim in a lawsuit filed in St. Louis County.

In the lawsuit, Mohammed Almuttan said Country Club Hills denied him a business license for this laundromat for three months, despite passing the required county inspections.

In a sworn affidavit, the former police chief for Country Club Hills, Clifton Ware, took the family's side.

Ware said when the current mayor Bender McKinney was an alderman he tried to order the chief to harass the Almuttan family at their other businesses and allegedly said  "you allowed that trash to come into Country Club Hills and open businesses, and now I'm going to clean house."

Some residents say they are concerned about the laundromat doing business 24 hours a day.

“That's a pretext,” said Jay Kanzler, Almuttan’s attorney. “People don't come out and say we don't like you because you're Muslim. We don't like you because you're from Palestine. They say we don't want a 24 hour laundromat instead.”

The Mayor declined to comment on pending litigation and the city attorney said the same for the aldermen named in the lawsuit.

You can read the lawsuit paperwork below:

Petition - Ruba v. City of Country Club Hills

Affidavit. Clifton Ware. Ruba v. CCH