A friend of fallen St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder is offering a new way to remember the man, while helping to support his family.

Jamie Crawford met Snyder while attending Destiny Church in Town and Country. She says the officer mentored her brothers' youth group and he was always a kind and outgoing person.

When Crawford heard the news about Snyder’s death she wanted to help. She asked his family for permission to sell wristbands with his name and the day his watch ended.

Sunday, she took the bands to the church and was overwhelmed by the response as dozens of people bought one or simply made a donation.

“I thought it was just awesome, how much people want to support the family and just have a memento to remember him by,” said Crawford.

The proceeds from the wristband sales will be donated to Backstoppers in Officer Snyder’s name and will be distributed to his family.

Kathleen Shaefer stood in line to get one of the bands. She attended the church with Snyder for years.

“It’s a small token to give a couple dollars. But somewhere down the line it adds up, even if it’s just a tiny part,” said Shaefer.

Anyone interested in buying a wristband can find Crawford selling them from noon until 5 p.m. at the food truck event at St. Ann Park in St. Ann on October 30th.