Oregon filmmaker Savoury Jacobson spends a lot of her time trying to establish trust with police officers and their families.

“Number one issue every time I make a video like this is trust,” Jacobson said.

For the past year and a half, Jacobson has directed 5- to 7-minute videos on the lives of police officers, titled “We Are The Blue”. It’s a crowd-sourced web series to humanize police officers.

“The videos profile officers, their lives, their families, their passions and what they stand for.”

Jacobson, who said she has no family members who are police, produces the “We Are The Blue” videos to answer a central question.

“I want to understand and I want other people to understand, where does that commitment come from to serve other people?” said Jacobson.

She came to St. Louis to meet in person with Elizabeth Snyder, wife of St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder who was shot and killed while on the job last October. Jacobson wants to produce a memorial video about Snyder.

“I was a little skeptical,” Elizabeth Snyder said. “Everything was legitimate and I saw her latest video that she made and just fell in love with it. It meant a lot that she was willing to spend the money to come out and meet me. “

Jacobson said she hopes to bring a film crew to St. Louis sometime in the next month to spend several days with the Snyder family. To learn more about “We Are The Blue”, visit the fundraising page