A Chesterfield-based motorsports business spent New Years Eve hoping to gather more information on a theft that left them over $150,000 short. 

In fact, it wasn't just a one-time robbery; in all, three separate robberies believed to be by the same people lead to a heavy loss to end the year.

About the time Santa was delivering presents on Christmas Eve, three unidentified men were acting as real-life Grinches.

Business owner Matt Surdyke came face to face with the thieves on surveillance video when he reopened his shop on Friday.

"They came along the service road and came in from the back, cut the chain, and opened the gate and rolled stuff out and hauled it off.  Two guys the first two nights, then the last night they called a friend and had three guys," said Surdyke, who owns two motorsports stores in the area.

Surdyke says eleven sport utility vehicles worth more than $150,000 were stolen over the three-day crime spree.

Surdyke had a theory he wasn't the thieves first choice. He said neighboring businesses have also been targets during the holidays.

Surdyke said he'll be increasing security at both his store locations.

"One of the managers of the heavy equipment place told me they've had problems every holiday. Anytime they're closed for an extended period of time, they get hit," said Surdyke.

While the images are grainy, police are looking for a white Ford Ranger, Extended Cab, and Surdyke is offering a reward. Surdyke is hoping the public holds the key to recovering his inventory.

"Maybe someone has a neighbor, they haven't been able to pay their bills ... all of a sudden, now they've gotten a $20,000 toy in their driveway, and they're curious," said Surdyke.

Some of the vehicles reported as stolen are below:

2015 Yamaha Viking VI, Blue, Last 6 of VIN – 100674
2017 Titanium Polaris RZR 1000 Last 6 of VIN – 789879
2017 Polaris Ranger 1000, Green Last 6 of VIN – 551793
2017 Polaris Ranger 570, Black Pearl, Last 6 of VIN – 774999
2017 Polaris Ranger 900, Camo Last 6 of VIN – 556575
2016 Honda Pioneer 1000, 5 seater, Camo, Last 6 of VIN – 001364
2017 Honda Pioneer 500, Green Last 6 of VIN 20087
2017 Polaris General Deluxe, Titanium, Last 6 of VIN – 866758
2014 Polaris RZR 800 XC, Black, Last 6 of VIN – 355326

Surdyke is offering a reward for information on the suspects and the recovery of the stolen vehicles. Surdyke asks anyone with information to contact him at (636) 931-9166, or the Chesterfield Police Department at (314) 889-2341.