People in the Davis Place neighborhood say they are afraid to leave their homes after dark for fear of being attacked -- from above.

It's happening near South Meramec and Clayton Road and the suspect is an owl. One woman was attacked before dawn Tuesday morning and people think the same owl attacked two more people Tuesday night.

Bill Goodfriend is one of the victims. He says he was attacked on a walk right outside his own home.

"It felt like I got hit with a football in the back of the head only it had claws," said Goodfriend. "I'm concerned for our neighbors."

Brian Bissonnette, the director of the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, says owl attacks on people are rare.

"It's a little odd. Especially the timing of when this is occurring," said Bissonnette, who says it's a little late in the year for owls to be protecting their eggs.

It's possible, he says, construction in the neighborhood has disrupted the owl's habitat.

The World Bird Sanctuary hopes to trap and relocate the owl. In the meantime, umbrellas and ball caps are recommended for any walks in the dark.