The parents of a 20-year-old with autism are desperately searching for him after they say he went missing about a week ago.

The parents of 20-year-old Andrei Morris said he has the mental development of a 13-year-old child. His parents told us he withdrew money from the bank a week ago and took a flight to Chicago and then to New York without telling anyone. That's the last time they heard from him.

Now they just want to know where he is and if he's safe.

Police in Wentzville and New York and working together to look for him.

His parents say Andrei has wanted to become more independent, but they worry about the decisions he could make because of his autism.

"He has trouble with money," said Andrei's father Cecil Morris. "He doesn't do logic and things like. He's very personable. He's never met a stranger."

And it's his trusting nature that has Andrei's parents worried. Andrei's father says police are working with them, but because he's actually an adult, the help they can offer is limited.