October 6th could soon be designated "Hometown Hero Day: In Honor of Officer Blake C. Snyder" in Alton.

October 6th was the day Officer Blake Snyder was killed in the line of duty. From now on, it will be a day to honor him.

It started with a petition, created by Lindsay Eversmeyer. She went to high school with Snyder and his older brother in Alton. She says, ““I just remember him always being generous, a nice face in the community, and his mom was always one of those parents that was around the sports kids and involved, so it only feels natural to give back to them, which is the whole reason we started this.”

Eversmeyer knows how Snyder loved giving back, especially working with kids. This designated day would honor the fallen officer not just in name. A community member would be honored who gave back as Blake did. Flags would fly at half-staff, and donations to BackStoppers would be encouraged. The day would also provide a learning experience for kids.

Eversmeyer explains, “It’s going to be to honor Blake, but it’s also to promote why law enforcement and first responders are there. To have them go into schools and mingle with the kids, so the kids can build trust and safety with them instead of fear.”

The petition currently has more than 1,000 signatures. Five on Your Side alerted Alton Mayor Brant Walker to this petition, and he said he completely supports the idea. Once the petition is brought to the mayor’s desk, the council will vote, and a proclamation will be presented to the public at an upcoming city council meeting.

You can view the petition here.

Eversmeyer is also organizing a fundraiser for the Snyder family this Saturday. To celebrate Snyder's life and favorite sport, participants will play charity soccer games at the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon. More information is available here.