St. Louis University is advising all faculty, staff, and students to be aware of a new phishing scam targeting the university.

Information Technology Services (ITS) says that a student worker received a call on Monday, from a person claiming to be from a bank. The caller asked the student for credit card information. The student declined and contacted SLU's IT Security and Compliance Department.

ITS is reporting that the call is a case of "Social Engineering" that uses deception to obtain access to sensitive information or entice someone to perform a task for the intruder. This type of scam can occur via email, deceptive phone calls, and "tailgating," gaining access to a physical location by appealing to an authorized person.

Faculty, staff, and students are advised to not give out sensitive information, including IDs, passwords, and credit card or financial information to an unknown person who calls or emails.

ITS reminds customers that employees will never ask for an ID or password via phone or email. If a SLU customer receives a suspicious phone call or email, they should immediately contact IT Security and Compliance at or call 314-977-4000.