It's been a month and a half since Hazelwood police officer Craig Tudor was severely injured in a rollover accident as he was responding to an emergency call.

Almost as soon as it happened, the law enforcement motorcycle club Gunners began planning a fundraiser for him.

"It's been six or seven weeks since we started and the bars were all…they jumped right on board."

Fundraisers for injured and fallen officers have dominated weekends for the better part of the year.

Still, people like Michelle Tiemann are coming out and giving.

"I am a Hazelwood resident and I am here to support Officer Tudor and the Gunners."

For Michelle and others like her, it's easy to be motivated.

"The dangers that they face every day are tremendous compared to what we even have an idea of."

But 911 dispatcher Angie Pingel knows those dangers all too well.

"They're all my kids. I do everything I can to make sure they go home to their families at night."

Whether it was by purchasing a T-shirt, participating in the silent auction, or going on the poker run itself. Organizers expected hundreds of dollars to be raised for Officer Tudor.

And for those there on Sunday, there was nowhere else they would have rather been.

"I was actually asked to work, and they were told a week ago. My Sunday was for this, so yeah, nowhere else. Nowhere at all."

"St. Louis is… that's just us. that's how we're raised."