One month has passed since a local police officer was killed in the line of duty, but the community continues to show support for his family.

In early October, St. Louis County Police Officer Blake Snyder was shot and killed while responding to a call in south St. Louis County. Snyder leaves behind a wife, Elizabeth, and the couple’s young son.

On Sunday, a group of wives and other family members of first responders held a fundraiser for Snyder's family. Called the “Paint Night Out for Officer Snyder,” they met at the Royale Orleans event venue in south St. Louis County.

“My husband is a police officer for Normandy,” explained organizer Lindsay Lee. “And I just thought it would be a really fun initiative. My heart is so full because it took off, and so many beautiful ladies in our community wanted to take part.”

Those who participated painted a picture of the state of Missouri, with an American flag in blue, white and black – symbolizing support for police.

Lee and other police spouses consider themselves a family. During the past few years, she feels they’ve become even closer.

“I think it’s always a family, you know? They say the ‘blue line community,’ the ‘blue line family.’ But it really exits.”

Elizabeth Snyder also attended the event.

“This is so fun. I’ve never done this before,” she said. “It’s nice to be around other ladies, and other family members that know how it is to be in a law enforcement family. It’s very comforting, very peaceful.”

Elizabeth Snyder said her family continues to heal, and is encouraged by the ongoing community support. There have been countless fundraisers for her family since the shooting, and she tries to attend as many as possible.

“I love coming to all the events,” she said. “A lot of people are surprised that I’m making it to a lot of them. But I want to be there, for all of these people that are supporting us and giving us so much support. I want to show them… just how grateful we are.”