A Jefferson County school is facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage after powerful winds ripped through the area early Tuesday morning.

On the campus of Hillsboro High School, wind toppled bleachers, threw athletic equipment into the woods, and left the football field and track around it damaged and filled with debris.

“It’s hard because the kids can’t use the facilities that the district has worked hard to keep up for them,” said District Superintendent, Dr. Aaron Cornman.

Cornman said, based on early estimates, about $70,000 worth of equipment was damaged. The district is still waiting to learn if it will need to replace the track or resurface the field. New tracks can cost $80,000 and new turf can cost more than $300,000, according to Cornman.

“This is kind of tough. This is tough one to swallow,” he said.

Cornman said the school has insurance to cover this type of damage. Just last year, he said a lightning strike took out the outdoor speaker system. The school was just finalizing the new system’s installation when this week’s storm hit.

For now, spring sports teams are finding other places to practice like the parking lot, gymnasium, or a different field. Cornman said the school plans to host district and sectional track meets in May, and they want to keep that commitment.